Welcome to Chetna Visions

Chetna, A Guide... Trusted and Tried

Chetna, an innovative initiative of reputed Abhimanu Visions, itself stands for 'awareness.' Conceived as the much needed endeavor towards guiding the youth about multiple career options, Chetna is successfully making mark in shaping the careers of many young brains. Chetna believes in not mere informing and teaching but holding hands to help the young brains evolve as successful examples of the fields they are cut out for. Chetna finds its roots in Abhimanu Visions, an already established name in grooming the aspiring candidates for Civil Services. Abhimanu's IAS Study Group enjoys track record of sending more than 1000 students in our prestigious Civil Services. 

Nurturing and grooming potential candidates as per their abilities and inherent talents has always been a passion at Abhimanu Visions. High degree of integrity and deep sense of responsibility have always been our benchmarks. Our decades long experience in the field further flared our zeal to chalk out the methods to promote youngsters towards the careers they are most suited to. We researched and analysed the attitude and behavioral patterns of more than 5000 students and found that early guidance was crucial for a successful voyage ahead. Chetna was , thus , born as an answer to our research and as an interpretation of our passion.